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Exercise Of Options

  • We assist both Tenants and Landlords in relation to exercise of options.
  • If you are a Tenant, you must strictly exercise your option in writing within time, as required under your Lease.
  • Oral acceptance is insufficient.
  • Failure to exercise an option strictly in accordance with the requirements under the Lease in nearly all cases will result in your option being void.
  • If you are a Landlord and the Tenant is in breach on exercise of option, certain requirements must be followed if you wish to use this as grounds for refusal.
  • If the Retail Leases Act applies, we encourage tenants to reach agreement on rent prior to exercise of option. We advise tenants of their rights under the Retail Leases Act in this regard and advise on the relevant provisions and procedures as set out in the Retail Leases Act.


“From the moment I stumbled across Herro Solicitors website through a Google search, I had a certain feeling that I had finally found the right people - their website provides fantastic information for retail and commercial leases and it’s clear to see that their pure intentions are to help and support those who find them.

After my initial enquiry email, I was pleasantly surprised the very next morning with a phone call from Anthony Herro himself, who was so kind and compassionate- receiving a call like this is truly something you don’t see in many services these days- especially a busy law firm like this one.

First impressions certainly do last.

Anthony is brilliant and so knowledgeable – he swung straight into action and took it upon himself to provide me with extensive information regarding my matter and opened my eyes to areas within my retail lease (drawn up by a different solicitor) which were not in my favour.

He has shared his honest and genuine wisdom with me and has given me advice which I never knew I needed.

He is truly a special, caring person and someone who you count yourself very fortunate to come across in life.

The team at Herro Solicitors have gone above and beyond to look after me and have completed my matter with a positive outcome.

Anthony has obviously hand selected all his staff as they have been as warm and wonderful to deal with as he has been. This team has a beautiful way in how they treat people.

I have already been spreading the word and will continue to do so.

Thank you Anthony, Desiree and Irene for all your support and care.”

Catherine Ross

Finding Fairyland Pty Limited

02 July 2023

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